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The Black Journey: African-American Walking Tour of Philadelphia

Welcome to The Black Journey! 

Beyond comparison the most exciting and fact filled 2 hour adventure offered in Philly. Learn about the history of Black Philadelphia while soaking in the fullest array of our nation's most important and historical monuments and sights. With a focus on the city's early history, Black Philadelphia Walking Tour will bring to light every detail of Philly's Black past. Hear about Black American’s role in the history of the nation's foundation. The tour is perfect for individuals, groups, corporate events, schools, family reunions, camps, scouts, and so much more.



The 7th

Ward Black History Tour

Philadelphia’s famous Seventh Ward was a thriving and bustling community populated by many Black Philadelphians as well as immigrants from the end of the 18th century until the 1960s. By 1900 the Ward was home to approximately 30% of Black Philadelphians. Boasting the largest Black population in the city, the Seventh Ward was the epicenter of Black culture and home to many past and present African-American schools, churches and institutions as well as abolitionists, educators, athletes and political and women’s civil rights activists.


The Seventh Ward was so fascinating that W.E.B Du Bois traveled to Philadelphia to conduct his study of Philadelphia’s Black population residing in the ward. Staying in the Seventh Ward, Dr. Du Bois conducted door-to-door in-depth interviews with Black Philadelphians from all walks of life. He witnessed economic, educational, and political discrimination.


Original Black History Tour

Take a journey to Congo Square, visit the unmarked graves of free and enslaved victims of the yellow fever epidemic, and other locations you will visit first hand. See where the Fugitive Slave Act was passed in 1793. Hear about Martha Washington’s enslaved handmaiden who emancipated herself and others who traveled along the underground railroad. Learn about the Old London Coffee Shop where humans were inspected and sold into slavery.

Walk in the footsteps of enslaved people, abolitionists, slaveholders and founding fathers. Hear about prominent early African-Americans. Beyond question the most in-depth, authentic, and entertaining tour offered on the eastern sea board! A must see in Philadelphia.

Revolutionary Philadelphia

Join us for an exciting historical journey through the streets of Philadelphia in 1776! Experience the sights and sounds of the American Revolution as we walk through significant landmarks and learn about the events that shaped our nation's history. Don't miss this opportunity to step back in time and immerse yourself in the revolutionary spirit of Philadelphia!

Sites visited:

  1. Benjamin Franklin Court

  2. Betsy Ross House

  3. Liberty Bell

  4. Independence Hall

  5. Congress Hall

  6. Original Supreme Court Building

  7. Washington Square/ Congo Square

  8. First Bank of the U.S.

  9. President’s House Site

  10. Elfeth's Alley

This walking tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Philadelphia's rich history and its role in the founding and early years of the United States.

The 1838 Black Metropolis 101

Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Philadelphia's rich history with our 1838 Black Metropolis Walking Tour, an exploration of the Free Black population before the 1860s. Delve into the narratives of real individuals unveiled through meticulous research into the Black lived experience in Philadelphia around the 1838 timeframe.  and the data from the 1838 Pennsylvania Abolition Society Census.

Starting with data from the 1838 Pennsylvania Abolition Society Census and expanding that data set from primary sources, this  immersive experience takes you to early 1800s civil rights sites, clandestine Underground Railroad locations, and Black built infrastructure hidden in plain sight. 


Our tour courageously delves into challenging histories, celebrating the remarkable achievements of our ancestors.

This is the 1838 Black Metropolis logo that incorporates Octavios Catto

Join us to learn about the vibrant and impactful Black history of Philadelphia and gain a new perspective on the city.


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